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— Understanding the need

It's all started in 2014

Jonathan Taulbee realized the need for a streamlined telecommunications company in Indiana, Chicago, and South Michigan. For the longest time, small and medium-sized business owners have struggled to find reliable, quality, and friendly on-premise telecommunications service providers.

Business owners have a lot on their plate, and the last thing they need to worry about is their telecom infrastructure. That's where we come in. We're not only in the business of Connecting Businesses; we are in the business of building lasting relationships with businesses in all markets.

We provide voice, data, and video solutions to a variety of industries including:
• Commercial & Industrial Sites
• Retail Stores
• Commercial, Industrial & Residential Builders
• Office Relocation Companies
• Medical & Medical Billing Offices
• Schools
• Churches
• Any Site That Needs Voice and Data Technology


Code of Ethics at Telekomms Inc.



Our purpose is to improve our customers' lives through telecommunications.



Our mission is to be the leader in providing telecommunications services to residential and business customers in our markets.


Core Values

Put the customer first. Respect life. Keep commitments and be accountable. Be ethical in all dealings. Be innovative and practice continuous improvement. Do it right the first time.


Build Relationships

World-class strategies are built by one-on-one conversations. Taking note of your immediate and long-term telecom needs is the doorway to implementation.

Save time

Telekomms has the experience your company needs.

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It doesn’t matter who…

• made your phone system
• implemented your network
• installed your cabling
• installed your CCTV system

...we service it.